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Materials old v3


Beautiful Pictures of 3D Printed Strong Normal ABS

*IMPORTANT: Please send us your file by email for final checking before paying.

Colour Finishing White , Yellow, Blue, Natural, Black, Green.
Email us to find out much more colour options.
Price $ 0.50 / cm3
Additional Finishing ABS can be post-production finished by sanding, spraying with automotive spray filler and using Methyl Ethyl Ketone as a solvent. You can also paint directly onto ABS with acrylic paints.
Processing Time 3-7 days
Design Guide
Maximum File Size 65MB
Maximum Number of Polygons 1,000,000 polygons
File Type STL
Printing Size & Bounding Box Max:
160 x 160 x 170 mm
x + y + z >= 8 mm

This is our printing size limit - can't print bigger than this size. Anything smaller than minimum size increases chances of damage.

Min wall Thickness 0.8 mm
Min Unsupported Wall Thicknesses 1.0 mm
Maximum Length to Avoid Warping on Thin and Long Part T.B.A.
Minimum Embose Detail (Letters, Logo, symbols, etc) Size: 0.75 mm
Engrave: 0.3 mm
Minimum Engraved Detail (Letters, Logo, symbols, etc) Size: 0.75 mm
Engrave: 0.3 mm
Elasticity Low
Tolerance Between 2 Moving Parts Printed at the Same Time 0.50 mm
Material Info
Printer System FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling). Additive manufacturing technology/additions are commonly used for application modeling, protoyping and production. Plastic filament raw material is deposited in layers to form the desired model. A filament made of plastic material is inserted into the extrusion . The nozzle is heated to melt the plastic filament and can be moved in the horizontal and vertical directions.
Bounding between layer Filament Heater (Melting)
Look and Feel Single Color, Smooth Surface, and Layers are Visible
Printed-out Model Material Strong and Heat Resistant
Accuration and Precision Medium
0.15 mm per layer
Other Info Not edible, not recyclable (printed parts), not water tight, dishwasher safe.

Please note that the 3D printed products are intended for decorative purposes. They are not suited to be used as toys or to be given to underage children. The products should not come into contact with electricity and be kept away from heat. Our materials, except for Porcelain, are not food safe.

Raw Material ABS = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. It is an engineering polymer which is used in the production of car bumpers due to its toughness and strength. ABS is probably the second easiest material to print with but care must be taken when printing larger objects due to the possible warping caused by thermal stress as the part cools.
MSDS and Material Specs Link to attached (PDF)
Examples Application

Manufacturing/Industrial (Prototyping)

Interior Design & Art