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Tridii Online Shop

We are a factory of the future where you can convert your 3D designs into actual products using our 3D printing equipments. After manufacturing your products, we can send them to you doorstep and also sell them online via our marketplace.

Step 01


Upload your 3D design to Tridii and start selling. You can make money with your design skills. You can focus on designing while Tridii takes care of the rest.

Step 02

We take care of production, payment, customer service and shipping.

Step 03

Us: you and Tridii

You get paid once a month via PayPal or KlikBCA. You always own your design rights. We will promote your products and earn you money.

Step 04

How to open a shop?

Here is a tutorial telling you how to open your Shop. If you open a Shop you can:

  • Upload custom renderings, pictures and a logo.
  • Decide how much money you would like to make on each design.
  • Spread the word by promoting your shop.
  • Design more products.
  • Open your own shop now!


Step 05

How to buy from a shop

Sign up to Tridii. You can check out our gallery or check out a particular designer's shop. Choose the products you want to buy and add to cart.

Step 06

Any questions?

Contact us now