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  Strong & Flexible Powder Nylon Plastic Liquid Resin Strong Normal ABS/PLA Plastic Full Color Sandstone
Material Status
Printer System SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) SLA (Stereolithography) FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3DP Colors (3D Printer Multi Colors)
Bounding between layer Laser application (Melting) UV Light application (Hardening) Filament Heater (Melting) Special Glue (Adhesive)
Look and Feel White Color,and Smooth Surface White Color, Shinny, and Very Smooth Surface Single Color, Rough Surface, and Layers are Visible Multiple Colors and Smooth Surface
Printed-out Model Material Strong, Elastic, and High Heat Resistant Soft, Non-Elastic, and Low Heat Resistant Strong and High Heat Resistant Brittle but High Heat Resistant
Accuration and Precision High
0.15 mm per layer
0.03 mm per layer
0.15 mm per layer
0.1 mm per layer
Food Safe Not Not Not Not
Recycable (Model) Not Not Not Not
Water Tight Not Not Not Not
Material Raw