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3D Design Service

Here at Tridii community, you have full access to find various type of designers with their special design skills that fit your needs in creating your 3D model. You can browse the stores and find out more about the designer and learn about their masterpieces before choosing the most suitable designer for your model.

Tridii also provides a professional design team that offer a 3D CAD modeling services if you wish to get a help from us in converting your ideas into 3D modeling software.


Our 3D design services package from Tridii team:

In the end of the process, you will receive:

1. 3D design file(s). By downloading the “viewer” from the internet, you can observe the model thoroughly. You can move the object orbitally and zoom-in/out the design to see all the detail. 

2. Professional blueprint(s) or engineering drawing(s). Here you will receive the detail info of the model (dimension, material, weight, volume, etc).

3.".STL" file(s), which is a converted file from 3D design file(s), is the type of file that can be read by all 3D printer machines.

4. Progress design report, a snapshots pictures that cover from the beginning from draft design, revised design, up to the final design. All will go through an approval drawing from the customer him/herself.

5. Clients will have a maximum of 3 revisions per project.

6. Rendered pictures per request for presentation purposes.


Additional packages:

1. Engineering process design (material type, model volume, surface area, filling volume, weigh, density, etc).

2. For metal part, per client request, we also can provide max load test and material strength analysis on the model.

3. Video model display for presentation purposes


Design Services Process:

For our design services, we start from asking our client to provide us with some basic information about the main concept of the model, such as: hand sketched model, picture or object reference, major dimension, detail, etc. Request for meeting appointment is encouraged if necessary to discuss a design with lots of detail information.

After we gather all the required information, then we will be able to give the accurate pricing for the design service. Overall, the rate is dictated by the complication level and the number of detail required in the design.